OUR GROOMERS treat your pets like their own. Because for a few hours, they are.


Not only do you want your pet looking beautiful, you also want the experience to be a pleasant one. Our expert groomers, all of whom have passed a standard of care exam, are gentle and caring and make every effort to keep your pet safe and comfortable.

A standard dog grooming includes two shampoos and drying time, twenty minutes of brushing or de-shedding, haircut or trim in accordance with breed standard or personal preference, nail cutting and ear cleaning, and anal glands expressed, if necessary. Additional services are available for an additional fee.

Pet Life offers nail trimming on a walk-in basis. It is recommended to call ahead for a nail trim to ensure the availability of a groomer.  Call to schedule your next groom today!

All the social media likes might go to his head.

If you’ve noticed your dog looking less than their usual best, upgrade their appointment to the Fresh New Look package. For just $20 more we’ll deep condition their face with a spa-inspired facial (oh you fancy). Then we’ll brush their teeth, which is great for a healthy smile and overall health. We  finish it all off with some paw wax and nose butter to protect your dog from the elements and  boom— he’s ready for the paparazzi.


  • blueberry facials
  • teeth brushing
  • special breed cuts
  • cat grooming (at select locations)
  • straight-thru appointments for special needs dogs
  • walk-in nail trims

Pricing varies by breed and specific grooming requests.

Please give us a call to get a quote, book an appointment, or learn more!


We have an understanding.

Just like people, clear communication is the key to successful relationships. That’s why our mission as trainers is to teach you how to properly communicate with your dog. We help you become fluent in canine behavior and language, using positive reinforcement and motivational techniques that make training fun and rewarding. Whether you have a new puppy, adult rescue, or a long-time family member, our system will set you on the path to a successful, trusting relationship.  Sign-up for professional dog training.  Check out our Facebook Events calendar for a listing of dog training classes at a Pet Life near you.


Have a dirty dog? We can help.

Pet Life offers self-wash bathing stations at all our locations. We’re stocked with free shampoo, conditioner, blow dryers and fluffy towels – everything you need to pamper your pooch.

    • $15 for 30-minutes
    • Ramp access tubs
    • Clean and sanitary facilities
    • Discounts on a la carte grooming services including tooth brushing and nail trimming
    • 50% off 5-wash package – just $37.50
    • Six-month unlimited membership for $60
    • See your local store for additional details