Super Absorbent Dog Pads

Petix, makers of WizSmart Super Absorbent Dog Pads, is made up of pet parents just like you! As pet parents, they were frustrated with the dog and puppy pads on the market. They wanted a dog pad that actually absorbed liquid and didn’t leak or smell.

They knew there was a better solution, so they created a dog pad that really works.

Through market research and innovative thinking, Petix ended up at an unlikely source – unused baby diapers. Every year they recycle over 80 million unused baby diapers into their dog pads. That’s just one way Petix keeps an eye on sustainability and social responsibility.

The unique blend of materials in these dog pads are so absorbent, they can hold up to 8 cups of liquid and stay dry for 24 hours! If that isn’t enough to convince you, there are also stay put tabs to the bottom of each pad to make sure they stay in place. These tabs are extra helpful for pet parents with male dogs; simply attach the pad to the wall and floor at a 90 degree angle and you’re covered! How smart is that?

A 40% market share in Latin America means Petix is doing something right. Headquartered in Brazil, with offices in Connecticut and Toronto, Petix are ready to help pet parents everywhere tackle the needs of pet parents everywhere. If you’re looking for a doggie pad that really works (and won’t stink up your house), look no further!

Source: Petixco.com