Weruva Dog and Cat FoodPeople Food for Pets.

Weruva is an all natural dog and cat food brand. Their food is made entirely in a human-grade food facility from only the best ingredients from around the world. The key to what makes Weruva pet foods stand out is their motto: what you see is what you get! That means no more mysterious, mushy foods for your pets. Each ingredient is easily identifiable and of the highest quality.

Proteins are made of only top quality muscle meat, like white meat chicken breast or whole tuna loins. Then they add fresh vegetables and delicacies like grilled skipjack, tilapia, calamari and shirasu.

Weruva understands that pets like variety. And with over 14 flavors of dog food and 16 flavors of cat food, your dogs and cats are sure to find more than a few favorites!

What makes Weruva different than other pet food?

  • Carnivorous focus
  • Protein fit for human consumption
  • Human food processing standards
  • Non-blended formulas

Weruva Cat Food

Weruva starts all of their cat food meals off by flaking the fleshy, meaty cuts of chicken, beef or fish off the bone. Add in some quality vegetables and delicious gravy or soup and they’re done! Since there is minimal processing, you’re left with a nutritionally balanced food you can identify and your cat will love.

Weruva Cat Food

Weruva Dog Food

Dogs crave meat. That’s a fact. Dogs receive most of their calories from meat, followed by fat. With Weruva dog foods, they focus on high quality proteins, minimal carbohydrates and a high moisture content. They understand that dogs don’t need, and some cannot process, carbohydrates, so they keep those to the absolute minimum.

Weruva Dog Food

Source: Weruva.com