Vital Essentials

Vital Essentials Raw Pet FoodPurely Raw. Instinctively Healthy.

Vital Essentials is a leader in the RAW pet food industry. The family-owned company, located in Green Bay, WI, produces high quality RAW frozen and freeze-dried pet food, snacks, and treats.

All Vital Essentials food and treats are carefully made from single-sourced, USDA certified whole animal protein. This includes meat, bone and organs sourced from the US.

Vital Essentials Frozen Raw Pet Food

Freeze-Dried Raw Food and Treats

Vital Essentials uses an exclusive freeze drying process that retains 100% of the food’s active nutritional value. This process also allows the food to be stored conveniently on the shelf, without the need of refrigeration. This 48 hour process locks in nutrients with zero cooking.

Vital Essentials also offers green tripe – a super food for dogs – in freeze-dried and frozen options. Green tripe is a great source of probiotics, calcium, digestive enzymes. It promotes a healthy digestive system and boosts your pets immune system.

Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Treats

ALPHA Prey Model Diet

Dogs and cats are natural carnivores, the essential nutrients they thrive on come from other animals. They are not designed to handle carbohydrates like corn, rice, and potatoes. A RAW meat diet is exactly what nature designed dogs and cats to thrive on. Vital Essentials® uses only fresh, whole, single-sourced USDA animal proteins. Vital Essentials NEVER uses grains, fillers, artificial preservatives or rendered by-products in any of our products.