Tuffy’s Toys

World’s “TUFF”est Soft Dog Toy.

Seven Rows of Stitching

Tuffy toys can have up to seven rows of stitching. The number of rows depends on the shape, size and style of the toy. Two directions of cross-stitching hold the multiple layers together. Rows of stitching hold webbing around the materials edge, and the toys’ parts are sewn together with up to three rows of stitching. When possible, a protective webbing is added around the outer edge and sewn up to three more times.

Four Layers of Material

Tuffy toys can have up to four layers of material depending on the shape, size and style of the toy. Our Ultimate series can have up to two layers of luggage grade material. Finally, we use fleece for the outside layer.

Protective Webbing

For our Ultimate series, we add an additional layer of webbing, whenever possible, around the outside edge to cover the seams of the toy. This is sewn multiple times for added durability.

Squeaker Safety Pockets

Squeakers are sewn into material pockets inside the toy. This additional layer of safety can give you the time you need to safely remove the toy in the event your dog reaches its core.

Source: VIPProducts.com