Tiki Cat

Real Meat, Real Nutrition

Tiki Cat is the cat food your cat would make, if your cat could make food.

They know what your cat needs to thrive – meat. Cats are carnivores so Tiki Cat is made with high quality animal proteins as the first ingredient, always. This includes things like nutrient-dense organ meat, shredded chicken, whole prawns and flaked fish.

What is NOT included in Tiki Cat food are things like grains and carbohydrates. No potatoes, corn, rice or wheat goes into making any of the delicious Tiki Cat products.

Tiki Cat also knows what your cats want – variety! Variety in flavors, textures, Tiki Cat offers it all. From chunky or smooth wet foods to gravy toppers, dry toppers and crunchy kibble, you will find everything you’re looking for to please your favorite feline with Tiki Cat.

Source: Tikipets.com