Insanely Innovative.

ThunderWorksThunderWorks, makers of the ThunderShirt and ThunderLeash, was founded by Phil Blizzard. After trying (and failing) to calm his dog, Dosi, during thunderstorms, Phil went to work. He tried traditional recommendations from his veterinarian and dog trainers, but nothing worked.

At the suggestion of a friend, Phil and his family tried something a little unusual during the next thunderstorm.

They wrestled Dosi into a t-shirt and used packing tape to apply pressure, like swaddling a baby. The result? It worked! Dosi calmed right down through the rest of the storm. This is how the ThunderShirt was born!

After the success of this initial product, ThunderWorks began developing more innovative solutions to common problems faced by pet parents everywhere.


It’s a well-known and trusted idea that pressure calms human anxiety – so why wouldn’t it also work for our pets? That’s the thought process that founded the ThunderShirt. ThunderShirt is designed to safely and comfortably apply constant pressure to your pet during times of high anxiety or stress.

With an over 80% success rate, Thundershirt’s gentle, constant pressure can eliminate fear of thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety, car anxiety, vet visits and more


Pulling on the leash during walks is probably the number one complaint dog owners have when training their pets. While there are multiple options on the market to try and combat this issue (harnesses, gentle leaders), most of them are irritating for the dog and hard to put on them!

The ThunderLeash was developed as a safe and comfortable way to keep your dog from pulling on his leash. The patented design and hardware allows you to create a “hunter’s wrap” (wrapping the leash around the torso of the dog) that stays put and applies constant pressure. This way, your dog stays comfortable but you retain control. It can also be used as a regular lead when not wrapped around your dog.

ThunderLeash is an easy no-pull solution, that works with any collar.

  • Applies safe pressure around your dog’s chest.
  • Goes on in seconds and no training required. No complicated harnesses.
  • Recommended by positive-based trainers across the country.
  • Fits all breeds and sizes.
  • Padded handle means extra comfort for your hand.
  • Over an 80% success rate.