The Honest Kitchen

We Make People Food For Pets

The Honest Kitchen makes pet foods made from 100% human-grade foods. That means only fresh, whole foods sourced from trusted farmers and absolutely zero feed-grade foods ever. It’s people food, made especially for pets.

Boxes of The Honest Kitchen foods may seem light, but they prove the real meaning behind the phrase “bigger isn’t always better”. One 10 pound box of The Honest Kitchen food has around 40 pounds of whole foods in it! That’s about $240 worth of food in one little box!


These nutritious and delicious foods are so easy to make, just mix with water and serve! And with such a variety of flavors we know you’ll find one – or a few – that your pets will love.

You can rest assured that what The Honest Kitchen leaves out of their foods gets just as much thought as what they put in. Their foods are made WITHOUT:

  • By-products and fillers
  • Additives or preservatives
  • “4D” meats or feathers
  • Corn, wheat or soy
  • Ingredients from China
  • GMO ingredients



The Honest Kitchen knows that when you eat well, you feel well and they understand that the same goes for your pets. Eating a clean, natural diet can work wonders for your pets energy levels, weight management, along with reducing or eliminating your pet’s allergies or skin irritations. So, not only will they feel great, they will look great too!