Performance Dog Gear for Dogs on the Go.

What’s better than being outside, exploring the world around you? Doing it with your best four-legged friend by your side!

That was the inspiration for Patrick Kruse, Ruffwear founder. Exploring the outdoors was always a way of life for Patrick, and he was constantly trying to find ways to bring his dogs along for the adventure. At Ruffwear, it’s not about pace, miles run or races won – it’s about the love of getting outside, the desire to keep moving, and the joy of sharing it all with your best friend.

The people at Ruffwear care a lot about you, your pets, and the products they make to enhance your lives. That’s why they don’t stop at simply making great products. At Ruffwear, their commitment extends to taking care of our environment as well. Ruffwear is continually reviewing their processes and practices from what materials are used in making their products to how they are made, with the goal of increasing the positive impacts and reducing any unnecessary harm.