Rad Cat

Every Cat Deserves to Be A Rad Cat!

Rad Cat Raw Diet specializes in healthy, natural raw foods for cats. They offer a variety of nutritionally balanced foods using only the best ingredients available.

Rad Cat is a small, family owned business based in Portland, Oregon. With 2 cats and 2 kittens in their house, all with their own health issues, Tracey and Janice Hatch-Rizzi were struggling to find a way to help their beloved pets. When their holistic veterinarian suggested trying their one kitten on a raw diet to help with her digestive issues, they gave it a shot.

Soon after, all 4 cats were eating the same raw diet and seeing drastic improvements in their unique conditions. That’s when Rad Cat was born, with the goal of making raw foods convenient and affordable for cat owners everywhere.


The Benefits of Raw Diets:

  • Healthy skin and coat
  • Naturally clean teeth
  • Decreased litter box odor
  • Natural weight control
  • Increased energy and vitality



Source: Radfood.com