Nourish Your Pet the Way Nature Intended

Primal Pet Foods was created from a need for a healthier, natural diet for founder Matt Koss’ dog, Luna. After Luna started showing signs of renal failure, a holistic vet suggested that Matt switch her to a diet based on bones and raw food (more commonly known as the BARF or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet).

Of course, after only a short time on this new diet, Luna started showing improvements in her overall health and happiness. This is what inspired Matt to bring his species appropriate food to the masses.

Primal Pet Foods Mission

Since Matt’s very first recipe, the mission of Primal Pet Foods has been simple. They want to to enhance the life of pets everywhere with balanced, species appropriate nutrition. Only the best ingredients are used in each variety of Primal foods. That means 100% antibiotic and steroid free USDA edible-grade proteins and certified organic produce. Unrefined vitamins and minerals are added to make sure your pets have everything they need to thrive.

Primal Pet Foods is also 100% transparent about where they source their ingredients from. Their proteins and produce come from countries like the United States, New Zealand, and France. They never source anything from China.

From frozen options to ready-to-serve raw kibble and more, you are sure to find somethng both you and your pets will love!