Toys that make scents to dogs.

Dogs experience the world through their nose – they are 10,000x more powerful than ours! That’s why Playology created a line of toys infused with all-natural scents that your dog will love.

Millions of scent micro-beads are infused into each toy. As your dog chews, the scent beads pop keeping the toy as invigorating and exciting as when it was new! All three scents-chicken, beef and bacon-are all-natural, and encased in a natural gelatin. That means no harsh chemicals are used at all.

Playology offers a range of scented toys for all breeds and sizes. From ropes to nylon bones and pebbles to squeaky balls, there are so many different sizes and textures to keep your dogs endlessly entertained.

Playology Scented Dog Toys

What Makes Playology Toys Different?

Extra Durable & Durable – All Playology toys are made of high-quality materials and available in two strengths, to appeal to all types of chewers.

Made from Dog-Safe Materials – Dog toy testing standards are non-existent in the US. So, Playology uses the standards created for human children’s toys to ensure that your pup only plays with safe materials. All Playology toys are tested to meet US government safety standards for lead, phthalates and other toxins deemed hazardous.

Slobber Wicking – Similar to performance athletic wear, Playology Dri-Tech Rope toys have specially shaped fibers that wick away slobber. Plus, they won’t tear into long pieces that could block your dog’s digestive tract.

Treat Free – Over 50% of US dogs are overweight. Playology toys smell so engagingly delicious, you don’t need to add food to make them interesting.

Easy to Clean – Dog toys tend to get gross after a while – so Playology toys clean up fast and easy, while the Encapsiscent Technology assures you can’t wash away that alluring scent.