Pet Releaf

Hemp Health

What do you do when your beloved pet is suffering from arthritic pain and the only available option, prescription medicines, make them lose their once happy and fun loving personalities?

You create another option!

That’s exactly what Pet Releaf co-founders Alina and Steve Smith did. When they saw what prescription opioids were doing to their dog Mattie, they knew there had to be a better option. That’s where Pet Releaf Hemp Health products came from – the desire to give their dog the pain relief she needed without the negative side effects.

Organic. Lab Tested. Made in the USA.

Not only are Pet Releaf products effective, they are also natural and organic. All of their products are made with organic, human grade ingredients and are submitted for testing by an independent third party lab to ensure 100% safety and efficacy. All products are made in small batches in Pet Releaf’s Colorado kitchen.

What Makes Pet Releaf Stand Out?

Pet Releaf uses only certified USDA organic hemp grown at the largest USDA certified hemp farm in the country. They also have their own proprietary strain of hemp – PR-33. Their hemp oil is derived using the entire non-GMO plant and is extracted using a super critical CO2 method.