Pet Kelp


For many generations, kelp has been regarded as a superfood for humans. The health benefits are widely known for people, so why shouldn’t our furry kids benefit from it as well? Thanks to The Missing Link Pet Kelp, now they can!

Seaweed is rich in natural salts and minerals that provide many health benefits to both dogs and cats:

  • An excellent source of nutrients
  • Supports digestive tract health
  • Helps with shedding
  • Helps with weight control
  • Works to help control fleas
  • Reduces itchiness in dogs that have skin allergies
  • Improves the overall health of a dog’s skin and coat

From iodine to iron to amino acids, kelp for pets has essential vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutrients your pets need to thrive. It’s also believed that kelp can help pets heal faster after injury or surgery.

All Pet Kelp supplements are USDA certified organic and made completely with non-GMO ingredients sourced from the USA and Canada. The Missing Link Pet Kelp is formulated by veterinarians so they are safe for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes.

The Missing Link Pet Kelp is easy to use and your pets will love it. Just add a daily dose of the powder supplement to your pet’s food and watch for the results.

Stop in to your local store and find out how this superfood can benefit your pets! Our expert pack members are waiting to answer all of your questions!

Pet Kelp Supplements for Dogs and Cats