Nourish as Nature Intended

ORIJEN foods are created to nourish your pets the way nature intended. They are inspired by the Whole Prey diet model, mimicking the way your dogs and cats would eat in the wild.

With up to 90% meat and 38-44% protein, ORIJEN is free from fillers like potato or pea proteins.

ORIJEN’s cat and dog foods are Biologically Appropriate, meaning that they replicate the quantity, freshness and variety of meats that your pets are evolved to eat. They use only the freshest regional ingredients that are responsibly farmed, ranched or fished by people they know and trust, and these ingredients are delivered to their Kentucky DogStar® kitchens daily. Talk about fresh!

You can rest assured that when you feed your pet ORIJEN, you are feeding them a high quality, nutritious meal. ORIJEN makes all of their food (and only their foods!) in their own kitchens so they can ensure the highest level of standards for each and every batch. Their Kentucky DogStar® kitchens are approved by the USDA, FDA, Canadian Government and the European Union.


Source: Orijen.ca