Sharing the Love

OoMaLoo dog toys aren’t just adorable and fun – they’re meaningful too! OoMaLoo got their start after the founder’s sister knitted a little cat toy out of fuzzy yarn for her nephew’s second birthday.

After seeing how much the little boy’s dog, an Anatolian Sheep Dog, loved the toy  – and how many times the pup stole it from him – they decided they were on to something.

Inspired by their gentle giant sheep dog, this family-owned company decided to hire under-served women in the Anatolia region of Turkey to make their toys. These women have few opportunities to make an income in their towns. Through OoMaLoo, they now have the chance to use their incredible needlepoint skills to make a living – and make something adorable while they’re at it! With each beautiful item, they share a part of their history, their culture, and their lives. In today’s world of technology and machines, the skill and knowledge of these women is what makes OoMaLoo proud to work with them.

OoMaLoo is a family owned and operated company specializing in unique handmade toys, bedding, and apparel for dogs. All products are handmade with attention to detail, imagination, and quality with both whimsical and elegant results. Each year’s our collection includes several new characters for spring and summer in addition to all the old favorites.

OoMaLoo toys

Source: Oomaloo.com