NutriSourceGood Food Feeds a Pet.

Great Food Nourishes Your Pet’s Whole Body.

A family owned and operated company since 1964, NutriSource knows that choosing your pet’s food is one of the most important decisions you make for them. You love your pets, so not just any food will do. With so many choices, choosing the right pet food can be tough.

Why NutriSource?

That’s why NutriSource carefully formulates each of their foods with strategically thought out high quality ingredients. They only source ingredients from the best suppliers with raw ingredients that must pass a very strict testing process. These stringent standards also extend to the facility where NutriSource manufactures all of their products. Located in Perham, Minnesota, they use a state-of-the-art AIB certified facility with the strictest quality control standards.

Guaranteed Nutrition

NutriSource mill their own grains and legumes, grind their own meats and only cook their foods under 200 degrees. Cooking at such a low temperature locks in the most nutritional value possible. The result is nutrient-dense recipes that maximize bio-availability.

Compassion, integrity, and a deep rooted sense of community are what guide NutriSource. They promise to not only make yummy food for your pets, but to nourish their whole bodies for longer, happier, more vibrant lives.

NutriSource Good 4 Life System

The exclusive Good 4 Life system is formulated with Alltech products. The system contains a proprietary blend of Good 4 Life supplements made specially to improve your pets gut health. Good 4 Life supplements like SEL-PLEX, BIOPLEX, BIO-MOS and Yea-Sacc support proper absorption of important nutrients for your pets overall health. The Good 4 Life results: better gut health, odor control, brain function and healthier skin and coats.