KONG - Your Pets Need to Play!YOUR PETS NEED TO PLAY.

If you have a destructive chewer on your hands and you’re tired of replacing shoes, purses and other household items – you need KONG toys!

KONG toys are a favorite for all dogs. They’re strong, durable, bouncy and best of all, they can be filled with your dogs favorite treats! They are made of a proprietary, pet-safe, built-to-chew rubber that makes them a favorite among dogs and their parents everywhere.

There’s a KONG toy for every pet at every stage of life. For puppies, the Puppy chewer teaches appropriate chewing behavior while offering mental enrichment. For the destructive chewer, the black rubber of the Extreme is specially designed for power chewers. Offering enrichment by helping satisfy dogs’ instinctual needs, the Classic’s unique all-natural red rubber formula is ultra-durable with an erratic bounce that is ideal for dogs that like to chew while also fulfilling a dog’s need to play.

Why do dogs love KONG toys so much?

  • They bounce, keeping your dog engaged and ready to play.
  • They come in all shapes and sizes, because dogs need variety.
  • They’re fillable – stuff your dogs KONG with his favorite treats, or try peanut butter! Freeze them for a longer lasting experience.
  • They’re durable, made from a strong proprietary rubber than is soft to the touch
  • They squeak – KONG SqueakAir balls combine two favorite activities – fetch and squeaker toys

KONG makes cat toys, too!

KONG’s line of cat toys is designed to bring out your kitty’s natural instincts and stimulate active playtime. Cats love to stalk, tackle, pounce and chase and these toys encourage just that. KONG® Wrangler toys ignite multiple senses stimulating kitty’s natural desire to pounce, wrestle, scratch and knead promoting active play. The Scratch Mouse’s fun, oversized toy and twisted boa tail encourage wrestling and active exercise while the KONG North American Premium Catnip and rattle sounds entice play. Varied rope textures promote natural scratching instincts.

From scratchers to flying boa-tailed toys, you are sure to find your cat’s new favorite toy with KONG.


Source: Kongcompany.com