In New Zealand, the word “Koha” means “gift of food”.

KOHA Super Premium Pet Food was started out of the frustration that founder Lonnie Schwimmer found when trying to find a limited ingredient food for his pets’ food and skin sensitivities. Most foods on the market at the time included specific ingredients that prevented him from feeding them to his beloved pets.

As a result, Lonnie decided to make his own “clean food” and KOHA Super Premium Pet Food was born. Offering clean, single sourced proteins and limited ingredient diet foods, KOHA is a great option for any pet parent trying to take care of their furry friend’s skin or food sensitivities. While KOHA Super Premium Pet Food includes many beneficial ingredients to give your dog or cat a balanced and nutritious diet, they do NOT contain grains, potatoes or any other cheap fillers that might irritate your pet.

All KOHA pet foods are made right here in the USA – although they source their proteins from places like New Zealand, Australia and France to ensure the highest quality cuts of meat.

If you are looking for a great tasting, high quality, limited ingredient diet for your dog or cat, give them the gift of KOHA!

KOHA Benefits:

  • Novel proteins (Excellent for pets with food sensitivities and skin problems)
  • Single Protein Limited Ingredient Diets
  • 100% Grain & Potato Free
  • High Protein/Low in Carbohydrates
  • Low Ash Content
  • High palatability to please even the most picky dogs and finicky cats
  • All our recipes are complete and balanced for optimal nutrition
  • Beneficial and healthy ingredients
  • Made in the USA

Source: Kohapet.com