Looking for a training pad but dreading dealing with the wet, stinky cleanup? We have the solution!

Gridlock Training Pads are the first pad on the market to use an antibacterial polymer to maximize absorption. This unique polymer not only provides superior absorption, but also leaves your pets and your homes cleaner and safer. No more wet paw prints trailing away from your puppy pads!

Liquids (and odors!) are absorbed in under a minute, leaving the pad totally dry to the touch – each pad can even be used more than once!

The adhesive pads also contain a sticky tab on each corner to keep the pad securely in place.

Gridlock Pad Features:

  • Fast absorbing, antibacterial polymer attracts dogs to the pad and locks in liquid and odor
  • Specially scented to attract your pet
  • Liquid is trapped by the super-absorbent polymer and Gridlock channels
  • Standard pads are a full 24″ x 24″
  • XL pads are 27.5″ x 35.5″