Fussie Cat


Is your cat fussy when it comes to their food? If you are having a hard time finding a healthy, balanced food that your cat loves, look no further.

Fussie Cat is not only made FOR cats, it’s co-created by cats! Since cats are naturally carnivores, they thrive on a diet high in animal proteins. That’s why Fussie Cat uses only the freshest tuna and chicken packed with all of the essential vitamins and minerals your cat needs to live a healthy, happy life. Each variety of Fussie Cat food is thoroughly tested for taste and texture approval by their actual feline taste testers (so that co-created by cats thing isn’t just a gimmick!).

All Fussie Cat foods are made in an FDA approved facility to ensure the highest quality and nutrition standards.

Fussie Cat recipes feature proteins that your cats will love – like fresh tuna, chicken and salmon. With both dry kibble and canned food options, you are sure to find a few flavors your cat will love!

Source: Fussiecat.com