From the Field


The driving focus behind the From the Field catnip toy line was to create a product that was not only fun and exciting for your cat, but also bio-degradable and safe for the environment.

From the Field uses hemp and fresh, organic catnip to make their toys. They choose to use hemp because it is a strong, renewable, earth friendly alternative to paper or cotton. From the Field also uses food colorant to dye their products (like the face on Shelby the Hemp Mouse!), so no harmful chemicals will be ingested if your cat is a licker.

The catnip used in From the Field cat toys is loved by even the pickiest of cats! From the Field also offers toys filled with their “Ultimate Blend” of Silver Vine (a fruit in the kiwi family) and all natural catnip, perfect for kitties who might not react to catnip alone.

All From the Field toys are made right here in the USA.