Etta Says!

Etta Says! Dog TreatsThe U.S. meat-based treats that your dogs love!

Etta Says! is an industry leader in meat-based treats for dogs. They are proudly made in the USA from high quality ingredients sourced from around the country. If you ask, they could tell you where each ingredient is grown or farmed. That’s how much ingredients matter at Etta Says!

Does your dog run your home? At Etta Says!, they know that most dogs are the heads of their household, it’s even how they got their name. In French, the name Etta, short for Henriette, actually means “rules her household”. If they wouldn’t feed something to the dogs that run their households, they won’t feed it to yours! That’s why they make their dog treats with only the best ingredients.

What Makes Etta Says! Treats Unique?

Etta Says! uses a proprietary Munch-Meter™ for each of their products. This helpful feature allows every customer to choose the most appropriate treats for their pets based on hardness level, protein source and length.

Selection of Etta Says! Treats