Earth Animal

Wellness & Longevity Solutions.

The Earth Animal story began in 1979 in Yorktown Heights, NY. It was here that Dr. Bob Goldstein began to embrace an integrative and holistic method to treating his veterinary patients.

Dr. Goldstein’s wife, Susan, also began to see the benefits of a natural diet for dogs and cats, and opened the first pet health food store right next door to her husbands veterinary office. Together, they began creating natural pet products that filled a void within the pet industry at the time.

With Earth Animal, it’s all about the quality of life for your pets. After all, that’s how we humans think about our health and well being, why shouldn’t we do the same for our furry family members?

Earth Animal Treats and Chews

Earth Animal No-Hide Chews are a 100% digestible alternative to traditional rawhides. They are made of USA sourced humanely raised pork, grass-fed beef, farm raised chicken or wild caught salmon, and are baked in a human-grade food facility. Their Chicken Jerky is also delicious – made of USA free-range chicken breast with absolutely zero salt or sugar. These high protein, low fat jerky strips make a great treat for your pets!

Earth Animal Chews and Treats

Earth Animal Flea and Tick Solutions

The Earth Animal Flea and Tick program is made up of several internal and topical products developed by Dr. Goldstein. These natural products are safe for you, your pets and the environment. Use the internal powder or herbal drops in your pets daily diet for year round protection. During flea and tick months, add the flea and tick collar or spray for added protection.

This all natural system uses a special combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs instead of harsh chemicals to keep your pets safe from fleas, ticks and other biting insects. It works by altering the scent and taste of your pets blood, which deters the insects from wanting to bite them. This change is undetectable to humans, so you won’t notice a difference in your pet – except less itching!

Earth Animal Flea and Tick Solutions