Doggie Walk Bags

Business is picking up!

The Doggie Walk Bag Story

From its beginnings in a garage in 1988, to its headquarters today in Costa Mesa, California, the Doggie Walk Bags Company is a family-owned-and-operated business.

Chris Crosson, the co-owner and president of the company, grew up on Balboa Island, California, where dog messes on the bay front had always been an issue. The idea for the bags was created by the need for an easy and convenient clean up product.

The Doggie Walk Bag Mission

The mission behind Doggie Walk Bags is to provide pet parents and caregivers alike a useful and economical product that makes the undesirable task of cleaning up after our pets a little easier. The hope is that this will result in cleaner communities everywhere.

The #1 Solution for your #2 Problem

Doggie Walk Bags dog waste disposal bags are:

  • Scented for odor neutralization
  • Opaque in color to hide contents
  • Fitted with easy tie handles to provide a tight seal
  • Bright colors for greater visibility to neighbors (and law enforcement)
  • Available in many different packaging options
  • Reasonably priced for daily use