Dog Rocks

STOP pet urine burn marks…NATURALLY.

Dog Rocks are the only 100% natural way to save your lawn from your dog’s urine stains. Mined in Australia, these rocks filter out certain impurities from your dog’s water.

Things like tin, ammonia and nitrates in your dog’s water are what cause stain marks on your lawn when your dog does his business. Without those impurities, your dog drinks safer water and your lawn looks better – a win win!

How To Use Dog Rocks

  1. Remove the Dog Rocks from their package and rinse
  2. Place 2 liters (about 2 quarts) of water in your dogs water bowl
  3. Add all of the rinsed rocks to the water bowl

It takes about 8-10 hours before the rocks start to work. There will be no change in the rocks, but you will notice less burnt yellow patches on your lawn! Each package of Dog Rocks lasts for 2 months.

Dog Rocks are not only great for dogs and your lawn, they are safe for all household pets. They do not change the pH balance of your dog’s water or urine. Dog Rocks aren’t a medication – they are 100% natural with no known side effects.