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The mission behind Cycle Dog is two-fold: create awesome, eco-friendly dog products and raise awareness of the millions of bike tubes thrown into landfills every year. Since 2009, Cycle Dog has turned hundreds of thousands of discarded inner tubes into functional, stylish leashes and collars.

Founder Lanette Fidrych started by collecting the discarded tubes from bike shops around Portland, Oregon. She would then hand sew the collars and leashes in her own home. Not only was this a way to recycle the rubber tubes, but the rubber actually keeps the products from growing bacteria and getting stinky! If you have ever had a regular nylon leash for long, you know what they can start to smell like if not cleaned regularly.

After seeing how much her family and friends loved what she was creating, she decided to take her product to the masses. Lanette started by selling her unique collars and leads at Portland’s Saturday Market. It went so well that she SOLD OUT on day one! That’s when Lanette knew this was her passion – so she quit her corporate job to focus on Cycle Dog full time.

Since those days in the beginning, Cycle Dog has grown a lot. Their showroom and factory is still located in Portland, and employees still collect bike tubes from local shops. Cycle  Dog has expanded their product selection while making continuous efforts to reduce their carbon “paw-print”.

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