Chilly Dog

Don’t let your dog be left out in the cold!

Chilly Dog’s mission is to provide pet parents everywhere with well-made dog sweaters at a reasonable price. Since 2001, they have created warm, fashionable sweaters for all breeds and sizes.

All Chilly Dog sweaters are made from 100% wool and are dyed using all-natural plant-based dyes. That means you dog can look great and stay warm without the use of any harsh chemicals!

What Makes Chilly Dog Sweaters Different?

Chilly Dog partners with the Inca Artisans in South America to produce their pet apparel and accessories. They always follow fair trade guidelines and ensure their employees are paid a living wage and have healthy work environments. This working relationship allows the artisans to support a higher quality of life in their villages.

Keeping with the latest trends, Chilly Dog offers style for every pet personality!

Chilly Dog Sweaters