Buddy’s Line

The story behind Buddy’s Line begins and ends with our pets.

Your pets are your family, your friends – your buddies! That’s why we love Buddy’s Line of stylish pet bowls and accessories.

These pet bowls and accessories are not only pretty to look at, they are functional and high quality too! These pet food bowls for dogs and cats are made of durable stainless steel, the #1 recommended material in terms of health, cleanliness and pet safety.

Why Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel isn’t porous, so it’s easy to clean and won’t rust or leak any unwanted chemicals into your pet’s food like some plastics might. Plus, if properly maintained these bowls could last a lifetime!

Buddy’s Line cat bowls come in several fashion-forward colors and cute prints, while the stainless steel dog bowls have durable rubber non-slip bottoms to avoid messes and spills. There is also a selection of printed jute placemats to choose from.

Buddy’s Line was created to intersect style, functionality and affordability. These pet products are sure to add a bit of color to your house without breaking the bank!

Buddy's Line Pet Bowls and Accessories

Source: Buddysline.com