Keep sniffing.

Bixbi was created by two brothers, James and Michael Crouch. Growing up on a mushroom farm gave these brothers a great appreciation for the benefits of farm fresh foods – and that is the idea they carried with them when starting Bixbi.

Bixbi is an organic supplement company for dogs and cats. Their mission is to provide your pets with the best nutrition, and you with trusted ingredient sourcing. All Bixbi products are manufactured in the USA.

Just like our furry family members like to sniff out the world’s secrets, Bixbi believes as pet parents we should stay curious too. That means always knowing what is in our pet’s food and treats.

In Bixbi supplements, you will find real meat from real animals and only vitamins and minerals that actually have a positive impact on your pet’s health.



  • Sourcing and Producing all of our ingredients and products in the United States
  • Making tasty, functional pet products
  • Supporting local small businesses in our area
  • Shortening the supply chain between your pet’s food and where it comes from
  • Constantly working towards reducing our carbon footprint and encouraging everyone we do business with to do the same.