Lab-tested. Proven effective.

We know you want the best for your family, pets included. When it comes to flea and tick products, you want to go chemical free but still need a product that WORKS.

That’s where ALZOO comes in, the only natural flea & tick product that is lab-tested and proven effective to repel pests, on your pet and in your home.

ALZOO offers several options of flea and tick repellent: diffusing collars for dogs and cats that deliver all natural and continuous protection for months at a time, SPOT-ON topical treatments, repellent spray for use before long walks or weekend trips outdoors, shampoos for dogs that repels for up to a week, and a repellent powder for cats and other pets that don’t tolerate shampoos.

ALZOO products provide natural, effective protection without ANY harmful chemicals!


Besides being 100% chemical-free, ALZOO collars and SPOT-ON may be used together on pets that experience frequent or higher levels of exposure to pests.