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What’s the benefit of natural foods for my pet?

Simply, natural foods contain high quality whole food ingredients that give your pets the most complete nutrition possible. Natural foods eliminate things like fractionated ingredients, fillers, byproducts, and chemicals.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns of the following products within 30 days of purchase and accompanied by the original receipt:

  • Dog and cat food that is at least 1/2 full, or unopened canned food.
  • Collars and leads, unworn and in their original packaging.
  • Selected other merchandise that is unused and unopened, with label attached.

All sales are final for the following items: opened treats, toys, bones and chews, frozen treats and bones, and bakery goods. We also cannot accept returns of open canned food, supplements or marked down clearance items.

Returns may be made at any Pet Life location, and the return will be made in the original form of payment. Refunds for returns without a receipt will be issues via a store credit that can be used for any purchase of goods or service at any Pet Life location. These credits do not expire, but cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

What are the different kinds of food types Pet Life sells?
We stock a full variety of kibble, canned food, dehydrated/freeze dried food and raw food for both cats and dogs. Visit a local Pet Life for some samples to try out and see what works best for your pet.
What’s the benefit of a raw diet?
Dogs and cats are carnivores by nature, so a raw diet is the most natural, biologically appropriate food source for them. It’s easier for them to digest, has no fillers, and is the least processed of all pet foods, so a raw diet ultimately yields smaller, less smelly poops and increased nutrient absorption. We strongly recommend considering this diet.
What are the benefits of grain-free foods for pets?
Dogs’ and cats’ digestive systems have remained 99% the same as their wild ancestors. The healthiest and most natural form of food for our furry loved ones is a diet that closely mimics their wild counterparts’ diets. A diet that eliminates grain can reduce dry skin, allergies, digestive issues, diabetes, obesity, joint pain, chronic ear infections, the risk of cancer and more.
Should I feed my dog human food?
We strongly recommend against giving dogs table scraps. The fats, spices and ingredients in typical human food aren’t right for your pet and can be harmful. That said, you may want to ‘cook’ for your pet. So if you do, make sure your pet is getting ALL of the nutrition they require. We recommend starting with a “base formula” and adding your own protein and any additional fruits, veggies, rice or other healthy grains. We also highly recommend a multi-vitamin supplement, probiotics and possibly goat’s milk to round out the nutrition profile.
What does ‘Pet Life Approved’ mean?

Pet Life Approved means:
* Foods free of corn, wheat, soy or by-products
* Gentle, natural grooming products and services
* Treats, supplements and supplies from trusted brands that follow our strict guidelines for safe and healthy products.

I have a pet product that I would like to sell with you? How do I do that?

Please send us an email at help@petlifestores.com and our team will check out what you have to offer!

What grooming services do you offer?

We offer a wide array of services for both dogs and cats. Check out our Grooming section for more information, and to meet the groomers at your local Pet Life store.

Do you offer grooming for large dogs?
Yes, of course! We don’t discriminate on the basis of size! Call your local Pet Life or stop in for pricing information and appointments.
Are you hiring?

We are looking for new pack members for our growing company. Visit the Join Our Team section for more information on current openings. The job listings are best seen using a desktop, laptop or tablet.  If you’re on a mobile phone, please visit our site from a computer to best see job opportunities.

Do you offer franchises?
No, sorry, we don’t! Our stores are all owned and operated by Pet Life.
For what kinds of animals do you carry food and supplies?
We have a wide array of natural food, treats, toys, supplements, and supplies for dogs and cats.
Do you sell reptiles and fish supplies?
No. We’re focused on being experts in natural and holistic dog and cat care.
Do you sell pets?
No. However we do host rescue events at all of our stores. Check out the Events page for upcoming activities.
Do you carry treats sourced from China?
No, we source our treats from trusted regions like the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
How do Pet Life coupons work?

Unless otherwise stated, Pet Life coupons are not valid on Orijen or Acana products, grooming services, gift cards or Instacart purchases. Coupon must be presented and the discount is taken at the register. Coupon must be surrendered after use. Valid in-store on in-stock merchandise only. Offer may not be combined with any other offer in the same transaction.

What is a 'bully stick' anyway?
It’s the part of the bull that isn’t part of the cow. ‘Nuff said.
Do you sell rawhide?
We have been working with the same supplier for more than a dozen years, and they prepare the rawhide without the use of formaldehyde or any other chemical that could be dangerous for your pet. We recommend rawhide only for dogs over six months of age, since it can be harder on a puppy’s still developing digestive system.
How do I pick the right size chew treat for my pet?
When choosing chew for your pet, as a rule of thumb, it should always be larger than their mouth. You should always supervise your pets while they’re ‘chewing’ a treat, and please discard any small pieces at the end. Never leave a chew as a ‘babysitter’ for your dog.
Do you have toys that are made in the USA?
Yes, we have a variety of toys made in the USA, as well as from other countries. Our primary objective is to source from vendors whose products we trust and can believe in. We wouldn’t supply anything that we wouldn’t give our own pets to play with.
Do you have treats for pets with allergies?

Yes, we do. We have a large variety of grain-free and whole meat treat options – including novel proteins like venison, rabbit and kangaroo – for even the pickiest pup.

What are the most important supplements for your pet?
We strongly recommend including a probiotic supplement. Dogs’ and cats’ intestines are a lot shorter than humans’, and a probiotic will help them break down the food more efficiently. Probiotics aid in digestion which allows them to utilize the most nutrients possible. We also recommend an omega-3 oil supplement in your pet’s diet. Most well-known as being a skin and coat supplement, it actually helps with many of the functions of your pet’s “inside” as well. Almost all commercial diets are deficient in omega-3 while having ample omega-6, so a supplement can help balance the system.
What kind of supplements do you carry?
You name it. Probiotics, multivitamins, joint health, omega-3, calming aids, digestive support, flea and tick care, dental health…the list goes on and on. Talk to a Pet Life pack member to help identify the best mix for your furry family member’s particular needs.
Do you carry grooming supplies – like clippers and trimmers?

We carry some basic maintenance supplies, like shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, combs, brushes and nail clippers. We’re also happy to book a grooming appointment for your furry family member, whether it’s a basic bath and brush or a more complete grooming experience. Meet our groomers on the Grooming page of our site.

I have a new dog! Help! What do I need for my furry friend?
Wow, that’s a loaded question. Food, treats, toys, a brush or comb, a bed, bowls, collar/harness and leash and ID tags. And poop bags. All of this will help with a great introduction into your home. Oh, and if it’s a puppy, be sure to add the wee-wee pads and possibly a bottle of stain and odor remover. You’ll thank us.
My dog is heading to training class. What do I need to buy?
Our recommended items include a collar, harness, leash (6-foot, non-retractable!), Training treats and treat pouch. And poop bags! Don’t forget the poop bags! For more details, visit your local Pet Life to outfit your particular pup.
Should I give my kitty cow’s milk?
No! Despite years of seeing cartoon kitten’s stealing the milk carton, our cats actually don’t have the correct enzymes to break down the milk that humans drink. As an alternative try goat’s milk, which you’ll find bottled in our freezers or powdered in the supplement section.
I have a new cat! What do I need?
A litter box and natural litter for sure. Also, food, bowls, brush, and a variety of cat toys and treats. And don’t forget a bed (or mat).