Caring for Senior Pets

As pets age, they tend to show it slowly; perhaps your Border Collie isn’t as quick to catch the thrown tennis ball as she used to be, or your feisty tabby cat is simply watching the birds outside the window rather than chittering at them. As your pet approaches his...

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CBD Oil for Senior Dogs

We know you've heard about it for humans - hemp oil, cbd oil, whatever it's been called - but how much do you know about its benefits? The popularity of hemp is crossing over into the world of pets. Treats and supplements have proven to be a lifesaver for many senior...

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Keeping Your Pets Safe During Halloween

Halloween is a really exciting time for most families. Kids are picking out their favorite costumes, carving pumpkins and waiting anxiously to go trick-or-treating for all that candy! In all of this excitement, it's easy to forget to take care of your furry family...

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Spotlight on: TREATS!

My dogs know exactly where their treats are stored; both the chews (in the upper right hand kitchen cupboard) and their training treats (on a shelf in the refrigerator door). When the bag crinkles or box is opened, their joy is infectious! Treats can serve several...

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