Pet Life's history and mission.


The bond between pet and person is something special. At Pet Life, we understand how amazing sharing a life-long friendship with a pet can be, and it’s our goal to help that life be an extraordinary one. Since 1985, our company mission has never changed: to develop long term relationships with pet people through outstanding customer service, knowledge, and teamwork.

In our pet-friendly stores in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, you’ll find thousands of products hand-picked by our pet experts to help provide exceptional quality of life for every pet. Whether it’s premium nutrition, holistic remedies, or essential basic supplies, Pet Life works to provide our customers with only the best pet care items and services at competitively low prices.

As fellow pet parents, we understand how much your pet’s health and happiness means to you. At Pet Life, we’re dedicated to helping you give them only the best.


Pet Life as a pet supply company began in 1985. Under the name The Kennel Shop, our pilot store in Augusta, Maine, kept its focus on premium pet foods and specialty pet products. As our business and reputation for excellent customer service grew, Pet Life began to open new stores across southern Maine and moved into New Hampshire and Massachusetts in the late 2000s. By 2013, our small family had grown into fifteen locations with plans to open several more stores in 2014. After nearly thirty years in service, our team is still dedicated to providing the best pet products and customer service in the business.